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Gold Award Certificate Template  

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This award is presented for honoring a person’s achievement. The template of gold award certificate is simply formatted by using light-colored border with a nice design pattern at the centre of this certificate. The name of award is to be typed at its header. The body contains a brief description of the efforts done by the recipient in achieving his goals. This is to acknowledge a particular work that has been done by the person in order to appreciate his efforts.

The primary and secondary names along with the title appear at the bottom of this template. Even though money is important for everyone but the thing that motivate others is a thoughtful and admiring certificate that signifies that you have appreciated their job truly. The best thing about a gold award certificate is that it proves to be cost-effective as well as simple and does not make you a cheapskate as well.

Following is preview and download link of this free Gold Award Certificate Template,

Gold Award Certificate Template

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